How to use Org Mode and Hugo for a better scientific blogging

Small overview on the usage of Org-Mode for blogging leveraging all features that Emacs can give, as an interactive and literate code development environment where you have access to bibliographic tools for easy reference and a comfortable editor.


Bellow a curated list of books which I consumed in the recent past years, which my thoughts on them. Machine Learning and Data Science books TensorFlow for deep learning : from linear regression to reinforcement learning (Ramsundar and Zadeh 2018) Overall is a subpar hello world kind of book for Tensorflow, nothing but the basics. Chapter 8 on Reinforcement Learning has some nice examples which are easy to be understood.

Minesort, a cryptography based sorting algorithm

Mine sort is a cryptography based sorting algorithm that can run in \(O(n)\) time if you are lucky. It consists in two stages, the first one is to create a cryptographic seed, and the second one is to check if the seed sorts the array.

Restricting Docker container networking to Tor only

Image the following use case, you have an application running which you strictly want to force its traffic to go through the TOR network. In normal case scenarios, you can implement at your network firewall level a restriction to such traffic, a more simplistic approach would be locally to add an iptables rule, but in the container world everything is different.

Linear Regression

Machine learning by itself sometimes isn’t the best answer, but it can be combined with specialist agents to expand it’s capabilities and reduce the training time. In the other hand, for simple problems, and specially for linear problems, usually machine learning can be replaced with more simple and precise approaches like linear programming.

Abusing insecure docker deployments

Is possible to abuse misconfigurations and bugs and escape from containers in several scenarios, in this post I will explore the most basic one: abusing the docker socket to escape the container and run code as root in the host machine.

Mining monero using live a live usb linuxkit build

Linuxkit is a good tool to create immutable Linux systems, so why don’t use it to build a Monero mining live distro ? The only thing needed to build an Linux with Linuxkit is a yml file containing the system information.

Running Cron tasks on docker - The correct way

While is perfectly possible to use cron inside a container, I strongly advise you to don’t do it. Some of the most important points on why is a bad practice to run cron inside a container:

Theodore J. Kaczynski Manifesto

Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist and former mathematics professor. He was a mathematics prodigy, but abandoned his academic career in 1969 to pursue a primitive life.

## STRM ##

A pro-freedom hacktivist thinktank.